Gallery Mark is opening up a new exhibition of 3 young artists. Fine arts is the common medium they use in their art works but
nevertheless, the each artist’s imaginations and view of our world will be distinct from one another.

Da-Som Kim , Ye-Ji Kim, and Ji-Eun Nam were center of the attention at 2011ASYAAF and they are currently studying Western
painting at graduate school of Hongik University and have always been good friends and fellow artists who actively share artistic
thoughts and ideas.

This exhibition is not bounded by one specific theme but is in fact a project exhibition to show the true nature and diversity in
these artists’ works. They will mainly discuss the life, desires and various phenomenons in our pop culture.
These young artists represent the women and artists of our modern society and they will each portray their own feelings and
experiences in the framework of fine arts.

A young girl that appears in Da-Som Kim’s work represents the artist’s immature inner self.
Throuht modifications and decorative design, the artist have portrayed the wounds she gained from questioning the truth of good and evil,
having different opinions and from various relationships she experienced. The unrealistic and mysterious mood of her work symbolizes
the pitiful loss of pure and innocent nature in modern people of today’s socity but at the same time the clear,crystal-like expressions
she use again shows the possibility of a new birth of pure innocence.
The foggy picture has a dreamlike atmosphere and the teary eyes gazing nervously upon us represents  the anxiety within the inner being. The openly expressed emotions, the mysterious atmosphere and the delicate and  transparent colors of the flower-hair that seems to
veil all the agonies of the girl, and also the teary eyes together seem absolutely beautiful but our minds become somewhat complicated.
The girl in the picture seem like a nervous, agonizing fairy who is alone in our human society and this arouses the uneasy. Feelings in us.
Through theses portrayal of agonies and pains we experience living in the world,the artists wishes to bring people together and sympathize with others.

Ye-Ji Kim brings the innocent memories of younger days in works. She Understand the culture in our modern society in which the people buy collect and enjoy objects that bring certain nostalgia of the past more and more as they enter the tough world full of competition.
The artist have obviously portrayed big object in her work but most importantly, she focuses on the details of these
objects. The things you find inside the big objects appects appears regardlessly of the time and place and the blurry residue of the past memories and desires of the present day are mixed together and various unrelated objects and imaginations are arranged and it seems like one’s diary of the younger days.
The artist tried to express her emotions and objects she had in an earlier life indirectly in attempt to experience the emotional stability she finds through those memories and at the same time tried to cure the various would people might have in our times.

Ji-Eun Nam says, “the others watch me and therefore I too, look at my self. ” In this exhibition she will be bringing some of her works from 2011 and her most recent works. In her work, she does not consider specific moments or social issues but rather, she focuses on how things can be considered in various, comprehensive angles.
An individual lives a life looking at others or things but at the same time,the very individual is also a subject of others’ eyes and attention.
To Ji-Eun Nam, the views of other of herself is a vehicle in understanding her own identity because she exists and becomes  someone according to others’views. It is like looking at a mirror and there is always some from of desires in others’s and our views.
The people in our society they understand this relationship become member of a society in which desires are constantly sought and instigated. and consequently, we become lost in these never-ending desires and forget what the true purpose of seeking was. Ji-Eun Nam’s works are therefore final results of this contemplation on how desires lie within our views.